Air Force 1 With The Highest Configuration: Gore-Tex

As long as you’re a trendy player, you’re sure to be familiar with Gore-Tex.

As a very strong waterproof material, Gore-Tex is often integrated into the clothing design by the North Face, Supreme, and other brands, to play a super performance of wind-proof, waterproof and so on.

Fake Air Force 1 Gore-Tex but high-qulaity

Recently, six pairs of Air Force 1 with Gore-Tex have released official maps. Let’s take a look.

In this series, there are 4 pairs of Air Force 1 Low and 2 pairs of Air Force 1 WTR, respectively.

Air Force 1 Gore-Tex Imitation

The overall shape is concise and firm, with obvious Gore-Tex Logo on the heel, embellished with embroidery style, showing the functional identity.

According to the latest news, these six new Air Force 1 products will be sold one after another in the near future, and we will continue to pay attention to and report on them.

Air Force 1 Gore-Tex White

Air Force 1 Gore-Tex Yellow

Air Force 1 WTR

Air Force 1 WTR